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Political / Social allows you to find and respond to events near you. Go to the Home page to see available events, and use ‘Networks’ to edit what you see. If you’ve logged in before, these will even be saved for you. You can even sign up or buy tickets to events on this site, so you know you’ll be on the guestlist.

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Political / Social allows you to market events, manage guestlists and sell tickets to your political event, all in three easy steps! Create an event allows you to tell your guests where, and view and edit them (including checking those all-important sales figures!) in My Events.


If your event is free, or you’ll be taking payment on the door, Political / Social is completely free for you to use! If you’d like to sell tickets through our hassle-free portal, we have to add a small charge of 25p + 2.5% per ticket to cover our processing costs (we use an external payment processor called Stripe, which ensures maximum security). We’re proud of being the best value ticketing platform around!